Digital Sales Channel​

You are current with sales channels do not satisfied?

You have a new product and want to know who could use it?

Is your sales team too small?

Your stocks are overflowing and you want to know who could still use your products?

Do you feel like you only know half of your market?

You think your competitor does more business with inferior products?

We take this work off your hands!

Marketing automation across all digital channels - GDPR compliant

Digital Market Analysis

Fast lead generation in new markets with digital means

Lead refinement throughout the sales cycle

Automated customer support

Securing the customer relationship

What options do we offer:


sales support

Immediately scalable follow-ups after trade fairs or events

digital sales processes

Automatic quote tracking for back office

marketing automation

Old customer reactivation fully automatically over months

lead generation

Digital and also hybrid across platforms internationally

digital onboarding

Automate people and product onboarding processes

digital after sales

Generate automated upsales and cross-sales potential

digital customer care

Automated survey processes for products

digital lead refinement​

Automated segmentation and categorization

digital market analysis

Who needs my product, where and for what?

You can answer these questions with our "Digital Sales Channel" method!

Establish your offers where the buyers of the future will be looking! Our product is the digital sales channel with sales funnel and lead refinement, well thought out and adapted. Orchestrated and with all instruments – ready to run!

Your productivity gains with a digital sales channel:

Faster on the market and in the niche
0 %
More added value in marketing and sales
0 %

Up to

Save working days per year in sales and marketing

Up to

working days per year less in administration and documentation

Savings potential for a 5-person company up to

per year

Our services

What is your goal?
Choose the most suitable product!

Stage 1


Active product test in the market for market research and target group search. The digital, qualitative proof of the market for your product.

700€ monthly*

*Max. 3 months term

Stage 2


Rapid occupation of a market share for your product!
The targeted testing of your hypothesis or your gut feeling.

900€ monthly*

* Extension possible after 3 months of operation time.

Stage 3


Targeted development of a sales channel for your product based on lead volume, orders and sales partners.

1900€ monthly*

* Extension possible after 3 months of operation time.

Stage 4

Full Throttle/Scale

Active expansion and modernization of existing structures in national and international channels through digitized sales processes.

3300€ monthly*

* Extension possible after 3 months of operation time.

All modules at a glance

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4